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Sim Wong Hoo, CEO of Creative Technology Ltd

Sim is also the creator of the PC Audio Standard - Sound Blaster (over 400 million sold), and now the Chief Architect of the PlayChinese Pedagogy System.

Sim Wong Hoo

It all started 50 years ago when Sim's mother arranged for him to be educated in an all-English school. With no structured way of learning Chinese, he eventually found his own way of picking it up: writing Chinese characters for fun.

Sim's dedication to Chinese computing and Chinese Pedagogy started more than 25 years ago, when he designed the Cubic CT Bilingual PC and has since never looked back. These huge investments made over 25 years by Creative cumulated into the PlayChinese Pedagogy System today.

And now, he is sharing his secrets to mastering Chinese. "Believe! And you can master Chinese. Believe Chinese is easy, fun and beneficial. The best way to master anything is when you have fun." As you follow his guidance, he promised that every step will be stress-free, fun-filled and Magical!

Dr Li Hui Qin, CEO of Creative Knowledge China

Dr Li is a Chinese Information Processing Technology expert, specializing in the field of Digital Interactive Education. She is VP of China operations at Creative Technology and the CEO of Creative Knowledge China.

Dr Li Hui Qin

Previously, Dr Li served as Director at China's Electric Power Research Institute of Chinese Information Processing Laboratory where she received numerous awards. Notably, she was recipient of the "May Day Labor Medal" and the Young Scientists award. As Dr Li comes from a family of academics, she aspires to use technological innovations to transform the Chinese language learning education model to be more effective through content that is interactive and fun.

In line with this, she and her team have introduced a wide range of education-oriented software products, which include the HansVision Chinese processing system, the WaWaYaYa children's multimedia interactive learning series, and the a series of online textbooks and teaching resources known as iFlashbook.

Company information

Creative Knowledge Ltd was established in February 2008 and affiliated to Creative Technology Ltd. The company's core business is in building and marketing IT and educational products. These include digital textbook and schoolbag solutions, Chinese processing software, Chinese learning products, CD-Rom applications and hardware mobile learning devices.

We have collaborated with Singapore's Ministry Of Education (MOE) on products such as electronic dictionary that are used in schools for Chinese language exams, and HansVision software. HansVision software is widely used in schools for processing Chinese documents and Chinese learning. Our online learning platform (iFlashBook) has also been accepted by MOE and textbook publisher, Marshall Cavendish, as a useful online teaching platform. This platform is currently used in Singapore classrooms. Over the past years, we have also developed online applications for MOE. These include CCM (Conversational Chinese & Malay), Chinese Language Word Games (Chinese Language Word Games) that are designed for Primary 1 to 3 students and Chinese Culture website, among others. These applications have been popular and are well received by teachers and students.

On digital education front, we have a suite of highly popular award-winning early childhood educational products that uses the Chinese language medium to teach young children topics such as English, Maths, Music, Science, Arts and Social Skills.

Creative Knowledge Ltd office Creative Knowledge Ltd office

Creative Knowledge is a technology company with numerous patented technologies.

Creative Knowledge Ltd office

Creative Knowledge owns many intellectual property rights as a result of its continuous research and development efforts.

This suite of products, since their launch in year 2000, has garnered sterling credentials and recognition from China's Ministry of Education. In fact, this product is the fruition of a key subject matter pertaining to education in China's 10th Five Year Plan (2001-2005) - "The 10th Five-years Plan of national science of education, the key Research topics of the Ministry of Education".

The treasure trove of content in our suite of products has benefited tens of millions of children in China, and also in Singapore, Malaysia and the Americas, where we have penetrated the markets in smaller niches.

On the technology front, Creative Knowledge has in the past years, invested millions of dollars in building the next generation of education cloud platform and application services. These technologies include language tools like text-to-speech, voice verification and Chinese handwriting recognition. The system is currently used in Singapore Primary schools as well as being adopted in some provinces of China by e-Schoolbag programmes that are part of her 12th Five Year Plan (2011 - 2015).

We have high technology capabilities coupled with a track record of successful deployments in China and Singapore. With the recognition by the China government of our effective programme and our established presence in the learning community in Singapore, we believe we have the necessary foundation to benefit young children growing up here and in the region. We can give them an early start to a strong foundation in the Chinese and English language.